The wide world of video games

Welcome to Cyber ​​Game, a site entirely dedicated to video and computer gaming.  Here, you’ll find reviews, news and lively discussion of the latest computer games and games consoles.  This site will explore opinions on different types of recreational games, but we’ll also be covering the latest in educational or business software.

Because we’re all passionate about different aspects of games and gaming, Cyber ​​Game is open to everyone. We’ll be looking at games for children, educational games or games purely for fun, with a selection of new title reviews, tips and “cheats” as well as discussions and exchanges of ideas for gameplay and even a glance at the latest in business software and applications.

“Which console should I buy” is a question which crops up frequently among gamers. Modern consoles are now of such high quality that they’re almost all capable of delivering a great gaming experience.  Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PSP or Wii, all have their fans but we’ll also be looking at PC and Mac based games and browser games too. The industry is well served by some really innovative game and software developers and publishers and new titles rarely fail to delight and surprise.

Although some of the team on this site have been accused of being geeks (and they probably wouldn’t deny it!)  we’ll be balancing this with a more serious look at games for young children, adolescents and ideas for games specifically aimed at girls as well as "classic titles "  - in short, we’ll be covering the whole compelling world of video games.

But it’s not all about recreational games.  Educational and business software forms an integral part of all our everyday lives and we’ll be taking a critical look at the latest developments.  We’ll be running the rule over some of the latest enterprise software as well as the software and “apps” for the smartphones and tablets that we’d find it difficult to live without, these days.

Of course, it is impossible to cover everything on Cyber ​​Game, but we will try to cover as wide a range as possible of software, games and apps that are particularly good, especially innovative or which simply appealed to us personally.  We hope you’ll be able to come back often to see our latest postings of new, views and reviews, or just to share with us your own views on the latest releases.